FoxCo. is a religious company founded by Andro that specializes in building structures. It plays a neutral role in Escape and is mostly a company that provides resources for other companies, in exchange for payment.

Relations Edit

FoxCo. is in good terms with Grape. FoxCo built a new headquarters for the company in courtesy to compensate the loss of Grape's headquarters in the old world. FoxCo. makes extensive usage of Grape's technology to create projects and communicate.

FoxCo. is not in favor of the beliefs and practices of Hellco. because they have a lot of potential for being destructive. FoxCo. prefers to not do business with them.

FoxCo. is against S.O.R.A. Industries as they have exploded some FoxCo. buildings in the past. They do not support the creation and use of bombs and nuclear weapons that cause permanent damage to the environment. However, FoxCo. tries to maintain a good relation with S.O.R.A. as they are still dependant on their mineral, Soranium, which makes for good, strong scaffolding.

History Edit

During the development of Escape, most Escape citizens already had their own companies, except for the mayor himself, Andro, who always, according to him, took a neutral stance to things. When the New World was founded, Andro founded FoxCo. with the objective of populating the New World with buildings that the Escape citizens could use and enjoy. The first building by FoxCo. was the Grape Tower, currently standing at 126 blocks tall. Afterwards, FoxCo. built the Grape Cafe and the FoxCo. Apartments, the first official FoxCo. building. At this point, they did not have a headquarters established, and on April 13th 2017, its construction began.